Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Importance of Narratives

I know we've all found since returning from our trip that it's incredibly difficult to share what we saw and felt during our time in Limay. Facts about poverty and historical atrocities start to bore even the most sympathetic listener, and many throw up shields of defensiveness when you try to explain how we are all responsible for the suffering of our Nicaraguan sisters. The best way I've found to reach people, to impart a small fraction of what we learned, is storytelling. More than anything I want people to "meet" those who were so important to me on the trip. I want people to see both the light and dark sides of our stay. It's also a bizarre but true contradiction that it's often easier to publish an extremely personal story than tell it to someone.

You can find a story about my experience in the most recent issue of Wilder Voice Magazine.